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firestonebags123 04-14-2009 12:02 AM

custom truck work
I have a 2000 F150 extended cab, and i was wondering if anyone knows if i take out the stock rear bench seat could i possibly fit two 2000 ford expodition front seats in the rear of my f150 so i could have bucket seats in the back.

EvansBlue 04-14-2009 12:14 AM

You could, but it would be really cramped. The seat mounts are totally different, so new ones will have to be grafted to the floor panel. Its a fairly serious amount of bodywork.

firestonebags123 04-14-2009 12:47 AM

what about a smaller cars front seat like a honda civic

EvansBlue 04-14-2009 10:33 AM

The only problem with that is the fact that you will be 3" off the floor. If you had the Quad Cab, you could probably pull off the Explorer/Expedition seats.

AeSix 06-07-2009 01:52 AM

Bout the only thing I can think to do would be to get a couple "jump seats"... they fit sideways against the side walls of the truck instead of against the back. They're not that comfertable for adults, but for kids, they're good. They also give you more floor space, and you can fold them up and get even more room out of the back of the cab.

Whats the reasoning behind removing the bench seat in the first place? Just worn out? Need more room? Not comfertable enough?

Trucst me, the bench is the most comfertable option for extended cab back seats. They can also be found pretty inexpensively at salvage yards, usually.

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