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Albroswift 05-24-2015 02:44 PM

P0232 ful pmp rly crc fl of
Hello, All, New guy here
Been looking all over the web for this, truck runs great but can't clear this code. F150 1998
EDIt Sorry, right code but wrong text in subject should be FUL PMP DVR RLY FL OF

Any help would be much appreciated

In2Trux 05-25-2015 08:47 AM

worst case scenario your pump is on it's way out... But you say it runs fine. I would say you need to check your grounds on your fuel system the your body to chassis and engine to chassis.

Albroswift 05-25-2015 09:20 AM

Hello, Admin
Got some similar advice on another forum
Truck does run fine.
Went through all the grounds yesterday, Case of PCM was not grounded very well , loose on mounting bracket so made a jumper for that, everything else checked out fine.

Made a test relay by soldering a couple of leads onto a spare and cycled the key, voltage went high for about 2 seconds as expected, then went back to zero as expected, then crept back up to 0.03 VDC. Does that indicate a problem, and where? Boost-a-Pump? FPM? Pump?

Thanks for the advice--

In2Trux 05-26-2015 08:42 AM

I'm glad you were able to find a grounding issue and were able to correct it. As for the voltage fluctuation I'm not sure about.
I'm wondering if you would be able to call SCT help desk, (if they have one) or click on this link and schroll to the bottom. SCT Performance - More Power! Less Fuel!

Albroswift 05-26-2015 10:37 AM

Checking a few more things, next step the BAP.

Albroswift 06-14-2015 10:12 PM

Turned out the inertia switch was hot even when the FP relay was pulled. The wire leading to the inertia sw got connected wrong when the BAP was installed leading to correct voltage on the fuel pump system but circuit the ECU monitors for voltage was always on with the ignition.
Steps for the next person before dropping tank:
Power on/ power off at the relay
Power on/ power off at the inertia switch
Power on power off at the fuel pump module
When digging through the web the mystery P0232 comes up a lot, diesels and gassers, not a lot of solutions offered out there other then check grounds, replace the relay, or drop the tank/ replace module and pump. One more place to look before the tank.
Thanks again for all the tips.

In2Trux 06-15-2015 08:41 AM

Awesome helpful information. Thanks for coming back to share that with us

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