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FD343NY 03-07-2011 07:42 PM

Suspension Question - 1995 F150
This is a 1995 F150. I want to change the springs form the 1/2 ton they are to 1 ton springs. Can the rear leaf springs be swapped out or are they longer? I had a 2000 GMC Sierra and could go from 1/2 ton to 1 ton springs as long as they were not from a dually. I know it is a different make of a truck, but is it also possible with this truck? Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!!

broncswagon 04-29-2011 02:27 PM

What i would do with stuff like that is to run down to my local junk yard and find a 1 ton and measure it. If you dont have access to a junk yard, i have one just down the street and I am going in soon to do some shopping. Just say the word and if nobody here has your answer i can try and find a 1 ton and measure the rear springs.

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