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chucksrt 12-14-2010 09:55 PM

383 build question (new 4 bolt or machine my 2 bolt)
I am trying to narrow down my options for my van. I have a 6000lb. hi top conversion van 1996 Chevy Express 1500. It has a damaged vortec 350 now but I want to pump it up. I found a block that is already modified for a 383 from summit: . I know the cylinders will need to be honed to the pistons but that's it. If I decide to reuse my old 2 bolt main block it will need $800 of machine work. I am planning on using the a scat stroker kit #91100 : 383 9-350-3750-5700-L 2-I CR5700 HYPEREUTECTIC 4.030 DISH 10.4 9.8 9.2 1-91100-1 1-91100 1-911 00BIE.

The heads are also cheaper to just buy vs rebuild for use with larger cam. I was looking at the Patriot performance heads: . So all I need to make sure of is will I be able to get a cam to match this combo that will be Computer friendly (more for Torque than HP).
When all is said and done I want the engine to be able to tow a boat and a large family with. I will be having PCMforless do my computer to match the engine once it's done. I am also planning on keeping it for a while and I know I will add on goodies to increase it Performance/economy.

So my question is, is it worth it to build my block up for use with the 383 internals or will the block from summit be better? If I choose to build it , will those heads work for what I want? And lastly if everything looks good will I be able to get a cam to match it and still keep it with a good idle. I would like it to have around 330-350hp and lots of torque. Do you think these headers will work too? Sorry for the long post. I want something that will last, be strong, and maybe handle extra power down the road.

simenad 12-22-2010 02:09 PM

The 2 bolt block is fine to use, the only benefit the 4 bolt would offer is for higher RPM use which your 6000lb camper will never see. Enjoy the new torgue!

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