MPG Mods!

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Default MPG Mods!

This list gives you ideas on increasing fuel mileage on your GM truck.

1. Jcbst12 - Obviously the best way to gain fuel mileage on any vehicle is with the following:


B. Start slowly from a dead stop, with gradual increases in speed.

C. Use the cruise control when you can.

D. Drive with A/C on instead of windows down. This goes double for people without sliding rear windows.

E. Tune Ups including:

1) PCV check and replacement.
2) Spark plug check and replacement including checking the correct gap.
3) Spark plug wire check and replacement
4) Air filter check and replacement.
5) Fuel filter replacement every 50-60K miles.
6) O2 Sensor replacement around 100K miles.

F. Tire pressure check. Follow the manufacturer specifications. (We need a link to the tire guide rxsteven found).

2. Jcbst12 – Increase airflow with either:

A. A cold air intake (CAI)

B. A K&N air filter

C. A K&N air filter with Airaid Jr. intake tube,

D. Any of the above mentioned intake setups along with a throttle body spacer (TBS).

3. Jcbst12 – Program or Tune. You can increase miles per gallon (MPGs) overall by getting a programmer or tune. Here are some ideas:

A. Best Programmers:

1) Predator is by far the best “do-it-yourself” programmer on the market. Using the DiabloSport forum I have learned to dial in my truck to gain the most horsepower and miles per gallon out of my truck with 87 and 93-octane fuel. You can even get your truck dialed in on a dyno (where they support DiabloSport products). Allows storage for up to 3 tunes. Example: You install a 93 tune, what you don’t like the way it shifts? Maybe you don’t like the fuel mileage? So change it! Remove torque management, dial in the fuel trims, increase shift firmness. Make it the way YOU want it. Full support on the Diablosport forum!
2) Trinity – New to the market. This unit will function as the Predator but will allow the user to view engine data while driving. More engine parameters can be adjusted and more storage for tunes on this unit.
3) SLP Tuners are more professional than the Predator but they are fully compatable with Predator, Nelson, HP Tuners etc… tunes. You loose the ability to “do-it-yourself” on setting engine and drivetrain parameters but you gain the ability to use and store basically any tuner software “tune”. You could have 3 or more dyno or custom tunes stored on the unit and switch between them as needed. Example: Store one tune for winter performance, one for summer and one for the track.

B. Best Tunes:

1) HP Tuners – Do-it-yourself software that allows an almost limitless amount of engine parameter changes. You can modify almost every aspect of the way your truck runs and drives. Software is expensive so you can always search for a shop that supports this software and have it professionally tuned.
2) Wheatly Tunes – Very good tune for the money. He will send you a PCM with a performance tune on it, specifically designed to meet your engine modifications and needs. Then you swap it out with your stock PCM and send the stock one back to him. Down side is that customer support for Wheatly tunes is scarce at times but the guys on this forum can help you.
3) Nelson Tune – Same principle as Wheatly but a little more money. You get better customer service with this tune.
4) Dyno Tunes – No matter what software is used you can’t go wrong with any dyno tune. Here you can get the maximum potential out of your vehicle without any “guesswork”. They can squeeze out more horsepower then any of the above mentioned tunes or programmers without killing your fuel economy. The Predator, Trinity, SLP, and HP Tuner software can all b
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

2000 Silverado 1500 4x4 5.3L


Hypertech Tuning (just recently adjusted Shift points. So I will see if that helps.)

Tonneau Cover

Gets 16-18MPG Avg.

I currently live in the Mountains so I would probably be doing better if I didnt have to climb a hill to and from work. Next addition will be exhaust before I throw it all out the window with a lift and some bigger tires..
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

A really good tip is Acetone...Add a few ounces per fill up and you'll notice a HUGE difference
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

Do you really get any MPG improvements or are you just drying your lines out? If you do, lets see some no BS figures..
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

I'm lucky if I get 14MPG. Just this past Sunday I drove 190 miles across the turnpike and got 14.1 MPG with nothing but my fiberglass tonneau behind me. That's with the cruise set close to 75 for as much of the trip as possible.
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

tisk tisk tisk The speed limit on I-76 through PA is 65! Well 55 in a few spots. I bet you get better mileage if you run 65 with the cruise.Just my thoughts.
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

I would absolutely get better mpg at 65. I think optimum for this truck is between 50 and 60 actually. It just feels like I make so much better time doing 75-80
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Default RE: MPG Mods!

Oh yeah much better time.I know the PA Pike like I know my home town.Being a truck driver living in Ohio.I just hate tryin to climb those hills in a 80,000lb truck but the Georgia overdrive on the down side is nice I think optimum mpg-speed is around 55 like you said but I can't drive 55 !!! Sometimes goin up hill I actually CAN'T drive 55 lol more like 40 or 45
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i get 20-21 pretty regularly. 2000 5.3 with k&n air filter and throttle body spacers. thats driving 70 miles to college on a curvy windy road going about 70 all the way. then driving in town a litle bit during the week. then 70 miles back home.
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Default MPG Mods

20mpg is normal with my tonneau cover and homemade CAI with K&N filter(scooped air vent coming up from front spoiler to bottom of airbox)

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