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Why buy a F150?

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Default Why buy a F150?

Not trying to stir a brand bashing thread or anything, but what made you decide to buy a new F150? I didn't even look at one when i bought my new 07' truck, but looked at the new Chevy, Tundra andTitan. My priorities were power, fuel mileage, reliability and resale. Ford compares alright in reliabilty, but lags last in the rest of these catagories. Do you buy them for looks? IMO they are the nicest in that catagory, but looks ain't everything!I can't live with the worst mpg's and the lowest power ratings to boot, so i guess any other qualities Ford may have got overlooked by me. They really need to get some real ponies and fuel economy under the hood if they want to get people like myself to look into their other qualities they may have. So far, with all the other choices out there, i can't figure out why someone would pay the same $$ for less and drive a F150? Dodge also falls into this same question for me! I did by the way own 2 F150's (99 and 02) and 2 Rams (03 and 04).
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

Boughtmy Lariattas I thought it was the best looking truck made in 06. I thought it was the best appointed interior, the center counsil and woodgrain interior looked rich and chrome bezels and misc appointments was a real eye catcher. The 20 inch wheels are classy and the truck handles very sporty, ican honestly say it is the best handling truckI have ever owned. Underpowered....yes, so was the last 01 Z71 I owned, that was a dog. Scores well on reliability. Milage is poor, 18 on a good day. All around I would make the same purchase.

Want an ideal truck, give me a Lariatt with a 5.7 HEMI and a 6 speed auto, then youd have something. Same can be said for a new 08 F350, put the 6.7L cummins in it with the 6 sp auto and exhaust brake. That twin turbo is powerful, but what a piggy.

I have owned more chevs than anything, but styling.....somebodys got to get fired. In 04 Ford took over truckville and stills got it, can they improve bet.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

My experience with Chevy is poor service after the sale. Unless you bought the vehicle there, most dealers don't want your warranty work. Chevy keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Case in point-I had an 2000 1500 Silverado. It developed a knock in the steering. The knock was from the joint in the steering shaft. If you check the Chevy forums it is still a problem today. You would think GM would have corrected a problem after all of this time. Ball joints and idler arms are the same way. Need replacing at low mileage and GM uses grease fittings. Pressure fittings on oil cooler lines leaking. All problems GM carries over from on year to the next. Don't get me wrong I like the looks of the Chevy, comfort, features and better fuel economy. I just don't want to buy a vehicle that will spend as much time in the shop as it does on the road. Dodge. They have a history of inadequate brakes and transmission failures. Not even considered. Just bought a new 08 F150. Love the truck. Awsome radio. Great looks, handlingand comfort. Like all of my other Fords, I'm sure I will get years of trouble free driving.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

check out the ford's blowing
plug's out that will cost you
about 3-4 grand. ford has know about this
problem for yrs, just call a dealer and as for the
price of a spark plug change, then ask who pay's if they
break one getting it out.don't mean to bust anyone's bubble
but that's why i just traded for my gmc.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

The dealer will quote a price for replacing the cylinder head which is not necessary. There are a number of proven repair kits out there and it can be fixed for a couple of hundred dollars.
Ford finally addressed the problem on the 2v engine but the 3v engine has problems with broken plugs. Ford addressed that one too. Everyone has their preference. My is Ford. I think they make a better, not perfect, product than GM or Chrysler. They all need to start looking in the rear view mirror. Toyota is in the fast lane and gaining ground.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

Ah they all suck. I've owned everything but a dodge, but my brother buys them so I know some about them too. They all suck in some way. Ford needs more *****, Dodge needs more mpg, and GM needs a better driveline.

My 99 Silverado was quite a buy when I got it. Out of all the other trucks I tested, it has the best value, mpg and power. The HEMI had the most power out of the ones I looked at(between 98 ans 02) BUT, it also was more on gas and insuarance so that was a "no".

However on my truck it wasn't til I removed the torque management that it really became a truck. This "*******" these trucks have is due to the fact that GM can't build a strong enough trans so they band-aid it with torque reductions when accelerating and downshifting. I beefed my trans up and removed the Torque Management which made it MUCH better, but I shouldn't HAVE to do that! You know?
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

...and I agree, toyota is going to mop the floor with domestic trucks very soon. The new 5.7 they have can already outpower the domestics. And there is a rumor or HD and Dually trucks in the making with a possibility of a Turbo Diesel.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

my brother just bought a new 08 f150 and hes had no problems with it besides the mpg, but that can be changed with a superchip. and for a totally factory truck it looks amazing.
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

don't buy a ford...i have a 2005 ford f150 and it has has nothing but problems...i made the biggest mistake trading my silverado for it
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Default RE: Why buy a F150?

ORIGINAL: 1985Chevy

don't buy a ford...i have a 2005 ford f150 and it has has nothing but problems...i made the biggest mistake trading my silverado for it
Like jcbst12 said they all suck.

I have an 06 F150 have beat the heck out of it and havn't had a lick of problems.

Why buy a F-150.

1. Looks
2. Frame
3. Looks
4. Torque Curve
5. Did I forget looks?
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